Thursday, January 14, 2010

Monday, January 4, 2010

Watch this video of my cousin!

Video of my Cousin Putting Some Nunley On It!

So maybe he is not my cousin, but he sure knows how to Put Some Nunley On It when it comes to stealing Coke machines.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Look and Advice on What I should do next!

I had a beard all November for NATIONAL BEARD MONTH (it is not called no shave november). My beard was stellar and as I looked at every morning and I said to my beard "Way to Put Some Nunley On It, Beard."

But being that today is December 1st, I have started to shave again. But I am trying some styles, so I need your help. Make a comment below about my current look and the look I should have tomorrow (you should be very descriptive if you want a certain look). Enjoy the pictures and add some comments!

By the way BAMA is going to put some Nunley on it this weekend and go Beech who plays Columbia, down go the lions.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Quick Shot into my life now!

As many of you know, Elizabeth and I have moved to Murfreesboro, TN! We both have new jobs and are trying to get adjusted to a new town. We have not posting anything in about 2 years! I plan on trying to post something weekly, but we will see how that goes.

My new job is as a Children's Associate at New Vision Baptist Church. I am learning a ton about how a church works and tons about the ins and outs of children's ministry. I wanted to give you a glimpse into somethings I have done here at the church.

I do things such as: Speak, Sing Back-up during Worship, Act, help lead Awana, lead the children's area of a satellite campus in Smyrna which meets at a movie theater, and millions of other things.

Check out our blog and seem some videos we have made. New Vision Family Blog

Also I am going to the Bama verse LSU game this weekend, so look for me on TV! Prepare for great pictures in the next post which will be next week. I have missed you all and love you all! Thank you for your loyalty to our blog. You Rock!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


As many of you may know, my wife and I are in the process of taking a huge step of faith. But just in case you don't know I will give you a little background. Last summer I began to feel God calling me into vocational ministry. As I began to pursue that and after talking with my wife and through prayer, we decided that I would go to seminary. I soon began to talk with friends and mentors about what that would look like. I visited two men that I look up to in Murfreesboro, Brady Cooper and Jeremy Lee. They both work a church called New Vision Baptist Church. While I was there, they brought up the idea of volunteering at New Vision's youth ministry. I would be treated like a true associate, while they pay for me to get my Masters in Divinity. The idea is that I could get some training as a youth minister, as well as lots of good experience. I left really excited, but what was I going to tell Elizabeth.....I will be working for free. I told her and she was willing to follow God in whatever He called us to. We began to pray about it and felt God was calling us to the Boro! So we both quit our jobs and are following God. God is working out so many things through all of this and we are trusting Him with everything.

I left school in late May and it was an incredible feeling. I was relieved to know I was following God and leaving a job that has been a struggle for the past 2 years. I will never have to deal with this:

I will miss the students and some of the teachers I had befriended, but it was an incredible feeling.

So it is summer and we are trying to move to the Boro. We just got back from summer camp with New Vision. Elizabeth had 6th graders and I had 7th. God worked in the hearts of the students and ours. I fell in love with the students and really enjoyed the camp. Being there really got me excited to get to the 'Boro! So now we are trying to sell the house!

Please check the house out at:

Tell your friends, family and anyone else that might be interested in the coolest house on the block!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring Break in Mobile!

Yo Yo Yo!  Spring Break was about two weeks ago and yes, I am just now posting.  What can I say, life is busy. Elizabeth had plans (she got to go to the Grove Park Inn with her mom for their Mother-Daughter Trip.  A fun filled week of massages and shopping), so I had options:

A.  I could stay home and get better at video games.
B.  I could visit family and friends around the state.
C.  I could go to Mobile, AL and visit Elizabeth's aunt and uncle.  Elizabeth's Uncle "Peanuts" (cool nickname, huh?  I think he got it in college bc he was one of the smaller guys on the football team) is a dentist and he offered to refill my bad root canal for free.  

I went with the obvious choice...C!  Who wouldn't want to get dental work done over spring break?  I thought that I could Put Some Nunley On It while I was in Mobile.  I had never been to Mobile and was excited about seeing family.  

I set course for Mobile on Wednesday with a bag of clothes and my navigator (gps).  I had a dentist appointment with Uncle Peanuts at 4:00, so I had to hurry.  I stopped only for some gas and chick-fil-a.  I hit a minor hiccup in Montgomery.  I had been going about 80 the whole way (that is the Put Some Nunley On It speed b/c not too fast but fast enough).  Montgomery speed limit for some strange reason (construction with no workers) slowed down to 45 (on the freaking interstate).  I was going 64 and I passed a gray motorcycle cop, who was next to a gray concrete wall (cop camo).  He then pulls out and I immediately pulled over.  I was hoping for mercy, which I received.  The officer gave me a ticket that only cost $100, even though he said it should be doubled.  I was like thanks, but how about changing the 45 mph speed limit!  I didn't say that, but I thought it.  I haven't had a ticket in a long time and if my memory serves me well, Montgomery was the last time I got a ticket.  I was on my way to see my parents in Clearwater, FL with my sister and Billy Wingo.  Not sure of the year, but I was in college and I got pulled over in the middle of the night in a 45 mph speed limit on the interstate in Montgomery, AL. Hmmm...

Despite the hiccup, I arrived in Mobile on time.  I received my dental work.  In this process I received laughing gas for the first time.  I have never been high or drunk before, so this was a new experience for me.  She gave me the gas and said I would start to feel tingly all over.  I sat there waiting for a while, but felt nothing.  I was thinking, "This gas stuff is weak".  As they started working on my teeth, I got nervous.  When you get nervous you begin to breath heavy and since they were working in my mouth I was only breathing in and out of my nose, which is where I was receiving the gas.  I then started to feel very strange.  I was tingly and then I began to float a little.  As I was floating things were spinning...I was high!  I got scared though, I felt out of control.  I decided to Put Some Nunley On It.  I wanted to feel the high, yet stay in control.  I began to breathe through my mouth, which was hard b/c they were working in my mouth.  I was breathing through my nose to feel funny and then when I started to feel out of control I would breath through my mouth.  All of this fun stuff made the procedure go by faster. Before I knew it all was well, and my tooth was great.  My face was swollen and numb.  I need to give a big shout out to my Uncle Peanuts.....THANKS!

I spent the next day touring Mobile, eating seafood at Wintzell's Oyster House (great food and good atmosphere), going to Maunday Thursday service at the Walton's church, and finished with dinner and fellowship with the Waltons.  In all of the touring and fellowship, I realized I wish I had more time to visit the town of Mobile.  Unfortunately I had to drive to Knoxville the next day to meet my wife (meeting my wife was not the unfortunate part).  But in typical PSNOI fashion, I had to visit somewhere before I left.  During the tour of Mobile, Amy, Emma, and Luke Walton all told me as we passed a Krispy Kreme that is was the original one.  I, of course being a huge fan of the doughnut and especially their glazed,  got totally pumped.  Krispy Kreme, here I come!

The next morning I got up and Luke was up, but Emma was still sleeping and now didn't want to go.  I felt sorry for her, because she was going to miss out.   Luke and I set out on our journey to the original Krispy Kreme.  I was giddy like a school girl.  I mean the first Krispy Kreme, who would not be excited!  So excited, that I had to take some pictures.  

The Original Glazed Goodness!

Me and the original sign!

Luke and I in front of the original sign!

Something was fishy about this whole experience and it wasn't Luke's armpits. We went into what I thought was the original Krispy Kreme, but there was no sign or hint of this being the first and original Krispy Kreme.  I thought they would be proud of this, at least put the date on the sign of the year it opened.  The building also looked much newer than the first Krispy Kreme.

I then checked it out online once I arrived home and realized I had been tricked (or they were mistaken and meant it was the first in Mobile)!  The first Krispy Kreme Store was in North Carolina!  No matter what is was I enjoyed those doughnuts.

I then left Mobile, headed to Knoxville for Easter.  I took my sweet time along the way.  I decided to stop at a Indian Casino.

Wind Creek was out in the middle of nowhere in Alabama.  I went in at like 1:00 p.m. and it was pretty sad...mostly old people wasting their social security checks.  I then decided to gamble 5 dollars.  All they had were slots, so I lost 5 bucks.  I should have quit when I was up to $8:40.  

After a long drive I arrived in Knoxville and had a great time with family!  So to wrap this story up, I "Put Some Nunley On It" over my spring break.  I mean Krispy Kreme, family, and free dental work!  BOO-YAH!